Marin Libertarian Party Meeting Minutes 01/25/2010

Location: Round Table Pizza Restaurant, Red Hill Shopping Center

914 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Anselmo, CA 94960

Time: 7:00PM – 8:30 PM

Objectives: 1) Review action items

2) Discuss 2010 Objectives for MLP

Attendees: Pete Riopel, Sandy Keating, Paul Kelley, Kate Moore, David

Koolhoven, Derrik Main, Mike Laubert, Chris Lacy, Joel Smolen,

Christine Tobin, Valerie Taylor


  1. Sandy Keating – Welcome attendees and introduce the meeting
  2. Pete Riopel – Provide the treasurer’s report.
  3. SK – Review and approve the minutes from the last meeting.
  4. SK – Document volunteering hours and fundraising results.
  5. SK – Discuss recent changes on the web.
  6. SK – Review of local issues/meetings for community involvement.
  7. SK – National: philosophy, macro/micro analysis
  8. SK – Confirm objectives for the next meeting Monday, January 25, 2010.
  9. SK – Review action items, get feedback, and close the meeting.

MLP Mission Statement:

  • “The Marin Libertarian Party promotes liberty in Marin County by providing solutions that limit government influence, supporting candidates who advocate Libertarian principles, and promoting resistance against threats to our freedom.”
  • The following are strategies the MLP will deploy toward accomplishing the mission:
  • Provide innovative libertarian solutions to relevant problems.
  • Enlighten Marin County residents about issues that threaten their freedom.
  • Increase the number of registered Libertarians and MLP members.
  • Support Libertarian candidates who advocate Libertarian principles.

MLP Current Account:

Balance as of 01/25/2010 $873.89

Donations collected $ 90.00

Volunteer hours since last meeting:

Paul Kelley – 10

Pete Riopel – 7

Sandy Keating – 60

Joel Smolen – 40

Mike L – 10


Plans for MLP video shoots in support of local candidates will be discussed at Jan 25 meetup.

Possible topics to address for local outreach and education:

New automated traffic violation cameras in San Rafael – civil rights issues

Aramburu Island – local government wastes taxpayer funds

Annoucement of Marin/Sonoma Libertarian candidates for 2010 election:

Joel Smolen – U.S. Congressional Representative for the 6th Districe of CA

Sandy Keating: State Assembly for 6th Distict

Kate Moore

Tim Hannon

Christina Tobin

MLP Officer Candidates:

Sandy Keating – Chair

Pete Riopel – Treasurer

Paul Kelley – Secretary

Mike Laubert – VP of communications

Melissa Turner – member at large

Sonoma County LP Update:

Sonoma Chair Kate Moore & Vice Chair David Koolhoven attended, and suggested pooling ideas and possibly action events in support of the local LP candidates in 2010

Owner Item Due
All Envelope stuffing party at RoundTable pizza 2/1/2010
Paul Research/attempt to upload past newsletters and minutes/agenda to
Everyone Check local townhall meeting minutes for relevant issues
All Facilitate camera to photograph all candidates at Jan meeting. Photos will be part of internet marketing campaign via website.
tbd Research how to create a page on website for discussion of ballot initiatives
tbd Post distinct 6 candidate info on MLP website
All Determine supportive strategies for local candidates

Suggestion box:

Look for a meeting location that has wireless

Joel – host an event at Bullseye for PR and LP outreach – firearm training and education

Look for documentation on WordPress to find all options for linking, uploading, and getting the most out of the service

Create a distribution list on BlogMarinlp

Support local candidates by agreeing on venues to rent out for debates. Advertise in Pacific Sun and IJ. COM and Women’s bldg in Fairfax under consideration

Make March meeting focus on Nov 2010 ballot initiatives, develop analysis and LP positon, and post to website

Accommodate public speaking / speech practicing for LP candidates, field questions from party members

Next Meeting:

Location: Round Table Pizza Restaurant, Red Hill Shopping Center

914 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Anselmo, CA 94960

Time: 7:00PM – 8:30 PM

Date: Monday March 01, 2010

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